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Save Money and Live Healthier In 2020 With These 25+ Great Devices That Will Sell Out Soon

By Sara Patterson, writer for Prime 8

The following list offers various great savings for just about anyone. Whether you're in need of a few very practical things that would otherwise cost you a lot more money, or you'd like to save money on technology you already use in your daily life, this list is for you.

Many of them are perfect for getting through this difficult time more safely and relaxed. At the top of our list you will find all useful inventions that might help.

The good thing with these ingenious inventions is... they are only available ONLINE. You don't need to leave your house because you won't find them in retail, and you can stay safe.

And as a thank you to our readers we have negotiated with the manufacturers to get exclusive special offers for first time buyers! Most of our finds are available for less than $60. They are perfectly suitable as a gift or if you simply want to treat yourself to something. Check back regularly, we will update the list constantly!

. Superboost Wifi - Don't Pay More To Stay Connected

(1,988 ratings)


I know, because I recently found out that I’ve been getting ripped off by my Internet Service Provider (ISP) for years.

I'd just recently started working from home and on the first day of working from home, I was almost happy to get to work. I sat down at my desk, and when I tried pulling up my email, it took minutes to load… Unacceptable.

I’d only just upgraded to a better internet package one month before! You see, I even knew that I’d need faster speeds if I was going to be working from my 3-bedroom home. And it was still taking forever!

For the first two weeks, everything was fine. But after that, Netflix started taking forever to "buffer," and YouTube just wouldn’t play right. It was almost like I’d downgraded! I just couldn’t believe it.

Frustrated, I decided to do what any of you would probably do in my situation.

I called my internet provider and complained. But, the earliest they could have a technician visit was in 15 days. 15 days! So, I put off working from home for another two weeks. And, finally, the day arrived. But I was in for a surprise…

The technician, Barry (name changed to protect his identity – I know his employer is going to want to know who spilled the beans), came out and got to work on trying to fix my internet. And, he seemed like a relaxed and friendly guy, so I offered him a beer.

"I really shouldn’t, man," Barry said as he reached out to accept it. Now, the more Barry and I talked, the friendlier we got. But, when I told him that I was working from home, Barry told me I was pretty much SOL. (Sure Outta Luck…)

I could not believe what I was hearing. "Router throttling, man," he said. "So, yeah, when you sign up, they give you the speeds you asked for. At first. But after a while, they throttle the bandwidth in your router. The internet going to your house hasn’t changed, so it’ll say you’re still up to speed. But the router doesn’t have the same output as it used to.

I blinked as it started to dawn on me, just what Barry was saying…"

It’s their little game," he said. "Suddenly, your internet’s not going so fast, but you can’t actually prove that it’s slower. Since the numbers look okay, you probably just have to ‘upgrade’ to the next package. Which is more expensive, of course."

He took a swig of his beer."

How can they do that?" I asked.

He shrugged, as if to say, Corporate America, man.

Furious, but not completely surprised, I told Barry he might as well not even fix it, and that I’d be changing providers immediately."

It’s not gonna help," Barry told me. "They all do it. All the ISPs. If they all do it, they can all get customers that want to ‘upgrade.’" Exasperated, I fell back in my chair.

"Isn’t there anything I can do?" I asked, defeated

Barry smiled at me and held one finger in the air as he finished his beer. Then he went out to the truck and returned with a small white device. He plugged it in the wall and dusted off his hands with a "watch this" smirk on his face.

"You didn’t get this from me, man," he said. "It’s called Superboost Wifi. It reconnects the split channels from your router and blasts it across the house. Trust me, man, you’re not gonna have any troubles with speed anymore."

Needless to say, my life changed for the better thanks to Barry amazing gift. The results are all in my speedtest that I did. So, trust me, give this a try!

UPDATE Wednesday, /2020 – Due to popular demand, Superboost Wifi currently has a special discount offering 50% off. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, the Superboost Wifi Range Extender has sold over 1.5 million units and is likely to sell out at any time.

. MobileKlean - Portable: Destroy Invisible Pathogens Quickly and Easily!

(8,234 ratings)

Mobile Klean is your portable line of defense against sickness. Unlike disinfectant cleaning wipes, Mobile Klean is safe for use on everything from your eyeglasses and electronics to your cutting board and cutlery.

The folding compact design makes it easy to store in your purse, backpack, jacket pocket, or carry-on luggage. No matter where you go, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing you’re always ready to sanitize.

UV-C light is germicidal – i.e., it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease

Only 85 left!

. Sterilize X - Kills Up To 99% Bacteria And Viruses At Home On Any Surface With UV-Light

(5,722 ratings)

Colds, flu, and disease are spread by contact! SterilizeX kills these germs fast!

SterilizeX is your portable line of defense against sickness. Sterilize-X™ UVC SANITIZER DETECTS AND KILLS up to 99.9% of germs in the air & on surfaces!

The technology behind Sanitizer-X ensures that the bacteria’s DNA is completely destroyed. Other words - microorganisms are dead!

Don't miss out and take advantage of the 50% OFF FLASH saletoday!

. PlayBeatz - Better Apple Headphones At A Fraction Of The Cost!

(4,009 ratings)

You've probably seen or heard that Apple products tend to be on the expensive side just because they are so good at what they do--marketing and innovation. Kudos to them for that.

But most people who get a slick new iPhone probably do not want to also blow another $200 just for matching headphones--but PlayBeatz is here and we've gotten you a deal at a much lower price point!. These headphones are wireless, come with the charging station, look just as cool on your ears as Apple's headphones, and they work with ANY phone or bluetooth device. Definitely check these out for anyone who has a smartphone!

. Bluewire Antenna - Cut Cable, Free TV!

(4,215 ratings)

Speaking of being overcharged for internet, what about cable? The Bluewire Antenna allows your TV to receive an awesome selection of movies, TV, and sports programming (on real channels like CBS, NPC and FOX), without a monthly subscription at all.

The Bluewire Antenna is simple to install (it can go right on a window near the tv), and can receive up to 100 High Definition stations for free. No other devices needed –no USB sticks or smart TV’s or converters or anything else. Just the Bluewire TV Antenna and some free time to watch all of the awesome TV it delivers (an estimated 85% of the most popular stations are here for free–all of your favorites.)

This is a unique and gadget that can save you a ton of money, plus it also makes for a great gift.

Only 58 left!

. Xtra PC - For Those Who Just Need Something That Just Works

(2,391 ratings)

Whenever you buy a new computer, everything feels fast and it is fun to use. A few months later, the computer starts slowing down, and eventually, you wonder how was this the same computer you bought when it was brand new? This new Gadget called Xtra PC works with any computer (Mac or Windows) made after 2004, and it is FAST (and will never slow down).

You can plug this little USB device into your computer, restart your computer and start using Xtra PC immediately. This will bypass your older/slow computer and operating system while STILL having access to all of your files and it comes with the programs you need to browse the web, send/receieve emails, listen to music, etc.

Get this amazing brand new computer on a memory stick now--before special offers run out!

. ClipperPro - Nail Clipping Made Easy

(8,125 ratings)

Cheap drugstore nail clippers are now a thing of the past! With arthritis throughout our hands and wrist, we can barely grip the tiny handle on those drugstore nail clippers. Half of the time we cut ourself and the other half the clipper flies out of our hand! It’s humiliating and we end up with these uneven, jagged nails… Thankfully ClipperPro was invented to help people just like us. The ClipperPro has surgical grade steel, swivel blades, and an ergonomic handle to make nail clipping simple. It's super easy to use and only needs a super-light touch!

. StopSnore – Stop Snoring From The Very First Night!

(951 ratings)

Millions of people are familiar with it - snoring. The number one annoyance in the bedroom at night. About one in two men and one in four women of middle age or older snores in their sleep. Previously dismissed as just an annoying disturbance of the peace, snoring is now recognized as a serious sleep and health disorder. These nightly lapses in sleep can even be life-threatening!

. BreatheGreen - All-Natural Charcoal Activated Air Freshener That Eliminates Odors For Good

(873 ratings)

The magic of activated charcoal continues to amaze even scientists. Discover new ways to use its already-proven purifying power. Imagine never having to spray a bottle again. New Charcoal bags are a simple trick to remove foul smells around your apartment or house. BreatheGreen is now having a package deal: the more you get, the more you can save.

. FIXD - Diagnose Your Own Car

(5,126 ratings)

Fixd was one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever. It’s a revolutionary device that allows YOU to know what’s wrong with your car before taking it in to a mechanic so they can’t take advantage of you ever again. Just plug it into your car, pair the FIXD device with your smart phone, and viola! It tells you EXACTLY what’s wrong with your car, no mechanic needed! It’s one of our favorite devices we’ve seen and all of us here at the office got one for our cars.

Only 114 left!

. Zen Heater - Save Big On Energy Bills

(1,299 ratings)

Nobody likes to be freezing in their own home, especially with the weather forecast this Christmas. Long, freezing cold days can quickly become so unbearable that you don't want to get out of bed. However, nobody likes the big bill that comes with heating your whole home either. That's precisely why the Zen Heater was invented. It’s a portable heating unit without all the installation nightmares that come with standard units. Simply plug it in and wait roughly 1 min and you'll be nice and toasty. And the best part is, it uses less energy than your laptop and the built-in thermostat turns the heater off when the desired temperature is reached!

. MindInsole – Alleviate Chronic Pain With Every Step

(9,221 ratings)

Did you know back, knee, and hip pain is often due to an issue in the feet? Think about it – your on your feet all day! Any slight misalignment affects your entire body, especially your spine. The team at MindInsole has created a revolutionary foot insole that combines ancient reflexology with modern magnetic technology to deliver 400 different accupoints of relief for your feet. It also improves circulation in your feet to relieve forms of neuropathy. To date, Mindinsole has helped millions of people suffering from chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis and diabetic neuropathy!

. Peeps™ - The Ultimate Glasses Cleaner

(1,238 ratings)

Do you or someone you know wear glasses? If so, chances are you’re tired of how often they get smudged, and having to use your shirt to try and rub off the smudges, which only ends up rubbing them around and not truly clearing your lenses. That’s why we love Peeps! They are one of the best designed glasses cleaners in the world and use NASA carbon lens cleaning technology to give you the most crystal clear view through your lenses. They’re small and portable and on sale now through our exclusive link!

. Photostick - World's Only Instant Photo Organizer

(3,345 ratings)

The PhotoStick is a clever new gadget designed to protect your photo and video memories. If you store your photos and videos on your computer you know the risks that come with computer crashes, viruses, and power surges. You could have your digital memories wiped out in seconds. The PhotoStick is one of the most in-demand gadgets this fall (selling over 1,000 units per day).

This makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to safeguard their digital memories and doesn’t trust "the cloud". Using the PhotoStick is easy.

1. Connect this small thumb sized drive to your PC or Mac2.
2. Press ‘Go’ and it will automatically sync your pictures and videos into the stick.

Click here to read more about The PhotoStick and get 30% off your order.

Only 85 left!

. XY FindIt - Never Lose Anything Again

(4,431 ratings)

You want to give the ultimate James Bond, 007 spy device to someone? This is it. It’s a portable tracker that you can put on anything from your keys to your dog to your luggage to your bike. It allows you to see EXACTLY where things are on a map so you never lose anything ever again. A lot of people are putting them on their keychains and purses so they don’t lose their keys or purses. It’s just an overall cool device. It’s also just a beautiful design, and we love things that are designed well.

. Photostick Mobile - #1 Way To Protect Your iPhone and Android Photos

(5,662 ratings)

Did you know that 1 out of 3 smartphone users lose all of their favorite photos and videos due to water damage alone? If you've ever lost your photos and videos due to dropping, losing, or somehow damaging your phone, then the PhotoStick Mobile is for you.

The PhotoStick Mobile gives users the ability to save and organize tens of thousands of photos or videos with only one-click and no recurring costs.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Plug ThePhotoStick into your phone (works for both Android, iPhone, and iPad).
Step 2: Open the free App.
Step 3: Click ‘Backup Now’….and you're finished.

That's it! One click and you're done. No-nonsense. No hassle. No time lost.

Click here to get your PhotoStick Mobile for 40% OFF.

. Pocket Guardian - Instant Thief & Attacker Deterrance

(6,344 ratings)

This simple keychain can save your life. Fitting in the size of your palm, this extra layer of security roars an ear-splitting alarm (130 dB) that scares off attackers and calls for help. Even if you’re walking to your car in an empty dimly lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Stop fearing for your personal safety and experience why 93,000+ women are calling this simple device their "invisible bodyguard." Order today and get up to 75% off while supplies last.

. TapNCharge Home - Improve Your Old Phone's Performance and Battery Life!

(5,110 ratings)

If you’re like me and don’t want to upgrade your phone every year, this charger has been my saving grace. Before I would charge my phone the entire night only for it to drain back to 0% after a few short hours of use. Without getting the latest iPhone this Christmas; I purchased this TapNCharge, developed by a grad student at MIT, that turned my phone into a wireless charging device. Simply attach the adapter to the back of your phone and leave your phone on the charging pad. Your phone will then charge up in minutes without any cables. Try this first to restore your phones performance before committing to a new phone.

. BarxBuddy - Help Train Any Dog With This Military Whistle

(4,212 ratings)

No longer simply man's best friend, puppies are stealing the hearts of the young and old everywhere--but sometimes what makes a dog really that lovable pal is training that comes with hard work. Luckily BarxBuddy, originating from military technology, is now available to everyone at a low cost with our special discount and makes training any dog significantly easier and more effective.

If you own a puppy or two that you're having trouble with, or you know anyone who has a dog that just needs a little bit of help with behaving around people, BarxBuddy is a pain-free solution that could make all the difference!

. GuardCard – Your Ultimate Defense Against Scanning Thieves

(2,012 ratings)

This credit card-sized device that fits comfortably into a wallet, money clip, or passport holder and emits an invisible force field to protect you from identity-theft. Using patented signal-jamming technology, it provides a security zone that surrounds every card in your wallet and blocks scanning devices employed by identity-criminals to steal important information!

. KeySmart – The Future of Keychains

(6,192 ratings)

This is a gift for anyone in your life who likes practical, space-saving items. KeySmart eliminates the need for a bulky keyring. The patented "S" design allows you to organize up to 14 keys and a car key fob, and fits just about every size, shape, and type of key. KeySmart protects your keys, and also protects other items in your purse or pocket from getting scratched by your keys. In less than a minute, you can attach your keys and any accessories. KeySmart also comes with a handy clip so you can easily attach it to a bag or belt loop. Make KeySmart the perfect gift by customizing it: KeySmart comes in a variety of colors, and a variety of attachments like a USB stick or bottle opener can be added on at checkout.

. Vizr - Heads Up Driving

(1,127 ratings)

Inspired by fighter jet technology, Vizr is truly the GPS of the 21st century. It’s the first GPS of it’s kind that allows you to drive without having to take your eyes off the road, utilizing Air Force heads up display technology. Because of this, you’re much more likely to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal car accidents because you had to glance down at your phone and take your eyes off the road. This is our editor’s pick for coolest gift this year, not only because it’s awesome, but because it will help you avoid more accidents on the road.

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Rolly - The Cutest Music Player That Actually Dances Along To The Music

Sold Out
Glass Toaster - The coolest toaster on the planet!

Sold Out
Egg Whisperer - Tells you which egg is the oldest, and reminds you when you're low!

Sold Out
Angry Mama - Put in water and vinegar, and then watch her steam your microwave clean.