Thousands of homeowners have already qualified for these mortgage programs this month to cover various expenses such as remodels, improvements (which could increase home value) or other expenses over $100K in a cash out payment from equity aimed to benefit the vast majority of middle-class Americans Nationwide.

How Do I Qualify?

While previous programs have expired, if you were denied in the past the guidelines may have changed for 2019 - so you should check your eligibility again.

There is No Cost & No Obligation to See If You Qualify This Month

Congress decided to bring back these mortgage programs to millions of homeowners across the nation; as they saw how it benefited Americans with their home improvements, pay for appliances, remodels and other miscellaneous expenses.

Under the current administration, the economy is reaping the benefits. If you see the value in doing home improvements, remodels, planning ahead for retirement or using the funds for other much-needed expenses using government-backed mortgage programs for having a home.

Surely banks would prefer homeowners did not use these programs as it helps lower mortgage payments or cover much-needed costs, driving business away from them. You can determine your eligibility online and even check your local state zip code or city to see if you qualify online.

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While the expiration date has not yet been announced, it could be shut down at any moment. So while banks patiently wait for the programs to expire, it is important that homeowners check their eligibility while they still can.  

It only takes about 60 seconds to find out how much you may qualify to receive through a cash out refinance. 

Most homeowners do qualify, even if you were turned down in the past qualification guidelines under the current administration may enable you to benefit. Keep in mind that if your mortgage balance is under $700,000 you have a better chance of qualifying.

Checking your eligibility is fast and simple. Just 
complete the Cash Out Survey 
here to see how much you qualify to receive.

Deadlines are yet to be announced, but if you missed out last time it's a good idea to at least see if you qualify this time around.
Tap Your State to get Started, it's free to check

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Q: Is it really free to see if I qualify?

A: Yes, you simply visit the home remodel survey page. There is no obligation to check or see if you qualify and for how much.

Q: Didn't these programs expire? How is this different?

A: Previous programs did, however, they have been brought back and qualification guidelines may be different from when you last checked.

Q: What can the funds be used for?

A: Anything! While many homeowners use the funds for home improvements and home remodels you can definitely put them towards other uses such as planning ahead for retirement, education, bills or other expenses.

Q: How long does it take to check?

A: About 60 seconds, you'll just answer a few basic questions and you'll be able to determine your eligibility online.

Are you Ready?

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Homeowners Living in Could Get Over $100K for Mortgage and Remodeling from Equity

Improvement Programs

Homeowners in may be eligible for over $100K this month using a unique stimulus giving back to homeowners. If you have not signed up yet, you must do so before deadlines are announced to take advantage of these mortgage programs being used to remodel homes.

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Last Updated: August 08, 2019

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